Medkrux Research Group

Medkrux Research Group presents forward an opportunity for medicos to involve in research studies/papers. Currently, we are working on review papers, brief communication, letters and case studies. However, in future, we are planning to start clinical studies, audits and meta-analysis as well depending upon the funds availability or at our disposal.

We have two membership programs: 1) Regular and 2) Elite

If there are 10 members allowed for a paper, we take 3 members from the Regular group while 7 are picked up from Elite group (30/70 % resp. ratio).

Elite membership cost £49 / $69 / ₹3999 per year while Regular Membership is for free.

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Medicine & sub-specialtiesSurgeryPediatricsPublic Health & Community MedicineObs. & GynecologyEmergency & ToxicologyOrthopedicsENTOphthalmologyDentistry

Published papers

  1. Case Report: Unprovoked venous thromboembolism in a young adult male.