Insulin Plant now available in India

Chamaecostus cuspidatus, common name fiery costus or spiral flag, is a species of herbaceous plant in the Costaceae family native to eastern Brazil (States of Bahia and Espirito Santo). In India, it is known as insulin plant because of its use in Ayurvedic medicine for its purported anti-diabetic properties. Chamaecostus cuspidatus has large fleshy looking leaves. The undersides of these large, smooth, dark green leaves have light purple shade. The leaves are spirally arranged Continue Reading

Vegetarian Diet: A Boon or Bane for Health?

by Dr. Varshil Mehta, published in JMRI In recent times, there have been many scientific evidences which suggest that wholesome vegetarian diets offer significant advantages compared to diets containing meat and other foods of animal origin. The benefits ranges from lower intakes of cholesterol, saturated fats, animal proteins and higher intakes of dietary fiber, vitamin Continue Reading

Sugars-sweetened beverages can lead to diabetes?

A new systemic review and meta-analysis published in the BMJ suggest that sugar-sweetened beverages has a potential of causing more harm as compared to any other sugar containing foot item. Sugar plays a key role in the development of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases, which attracts widespread debate and increasing evidence suggests that fructose could be Continue Reading