Varshil Mehta

India is the only country where reservations are present till date. So what is this reservations/quotas?

When India became independent from the British rule, India had became one of the poorest countries in the world as compared to being the richest in the world when Britishers entered India two centuries back. Britishers also divided India by using the so called “Divide and Rule Policy” (1). It also created a rift between people from the same religion; creating lower and upper castes.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was the founder of the Indian constitution and himself being a dalit (Untouchables) (2), gave some quotas/reservation to the people from the lower caste which gave the beginning of a rise of Non-meritorious India. So for example, if there are 100 MBBS seats in a college, the % of seats will be reserved for those people belonging to that caste.

In 2019, the % of quotas in India is 59.5%, i.e. the open category people (with no reservation which is appx 70% of the people) has only 40.5% opportunities available. So in a class of 100 students/jobs, only 40% seats are available for open category!

Worst is the case in Maharashtra state in which Mumbai is the capital city. The Maharashtra state gives 16% extra quotas to Marathas caste, which means the total quotas in Maharashtra is 78%. Hence, only 22% seats are available for open category.

The quota people also have a big advantage, as they can get a seat with mere 50% marks, however, the open category people may wont even get a seat with 90% marks.

Why reservations are given?

  1. It is said often that it is just vote bank politics.
  2. Congress did it and so did BJP, so which party is better?

What shall be the consequences?

  1. Meritorious people wont get seats in Post Graduate courses  and even MBBS course to some extent.
  2. They will start leaving the country to go abroad and settle is a country where merit is everything.
  3. Brain drain will continue.
  4. India public will have to be treated with quota doctors who got way lesser marks than meritorious people. The marks so less that they can be injurious to health of the patients. Isn’t it logical?
  5. Some meritorious medical graduates may take extreme steps if they don’t get a post graduate seat. There are many suicidal cases which have been seen almost throughout the year.
  6. FYI, post graduate seats are way less as compared to MBBS seats also. Appx 250 post graduate seats are present in Maharashtra government colleges and appx 5000 MBBS seats are there.

So what do you think, what shall a meritorious person do? Leave India or hope to dream that India may become meritorious country again? Should India be renamed as Quotasthan (A land of reservations)?

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